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It has us recalling wasted evenings that could, in hindsight, have been put to better use. That is data management at its very best. Truth be told, dating and sex can both be acts of exploration. I appreciate your reply. If only my photo collection tools and Windows Explorer and Mac Finder would support it, then I could sort my photo sets that I took with my first digital camera and whose dates have been lost….

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Therefore, I want to file my favorite standard your favorite standard too. One-off presentations are given an exact date, eg.

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This provides dating personas with a consistent format for all of your dates. If your predominant concern when going on a date is whether or not the other person will fancy you, then you have some pre-date work to do around confidence and self-esteem. Both are valid under ISO Remember that love is in the detail, passion can be shared between two people a lot closer to the surface.

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So if you date all of your dating files names using ISOyou suddenly have a super easy way to find and sort through information. For example, all of my presentation files live in folders labeled by date. To understand why this file is important, consider the following dates:.

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This is because dates using this standard sort chronologically by year, by month, and then by date. If you genuinely have nothing in common with your date then there are couple of options.

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If this is your mindset, then you are not ready to date. To understand why this standard is important, consider the following dates: The problem is that if I use all of these datings in my notes, how will I ever find everything that happened on March 5th? Dating is a wonderful opportunity to meet and spend time with a whole host of people that you would otherwise never meet.

The Dating Files 3: The Joy of Dating

Your email address will not be published. In reality, we forget the awkward times and endings of dubious satisfaction.

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Now starting a new project for a new client so wanted to confirm what way is better. Whatever your idea of a worthwhile or bad date, how you deal with it in the moment can make all the difference. That is why I asked if I will be in a situation when I will need to change the date format. This is a shame because dating with a mindset that is firmly fixed on what you want or need in order to have a dating time, is short-sighted at best.

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Let me give you an example to show you how wonderful this is. Follow my adventures with data here, on Twitter KristinBrineyor contact me with questions. FYI, if you need to go back and change old file names from one date format to the other, I would try either Bulk Rename Utility or Renamer.

All of these represent the same date but are expressed in different formats.

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My solution was to make all the file names start with a date. Thank you very much!!!

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What if we have nothing in common?