30 amp rv hookup at home Can I Plug In A RV To A Home Electrical System?

30 amp rv hookup at home

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All I need is the interior lights and I start the refrigerator. Before we head to the store- I want to know amp component we are going to need to accomplish this. Anonymous I have a 72 vw bus. This has given me so much information that I'm so ready for our next trip.

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Depress the TTR into the metal box, keeping any spare wire loose as it coils around the inner rim. In order to help me out she said I can put a travel trailer on the pad to stay as long as I need to.

Can I buy a 30 amp to v standard plug adaptor to pull power from a 30 amp source or will that be too much power in the circuit of my vw? Search the hookup forum HERE.

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I would strongly suggest that you contact an Electrician and get an estimate on installing a 30 or 50 Amp receptacle close to the RV pad.

A couple of suggestions: Anonymous My trailer is plugged in at home to a 20 amp circuit with the proper adapter. I never thought I would need a storage building larger than 40' x 50' either but I never thought I would need to store two Jeeps, a Chevy Silverado pu and a golf cart, well I did know about the pu. Either way you can run some of the appliances with limitations off of a 15 or 20 amp household 3 prong receptacle. Virginia has some strict health department regulations. Insert the RV's umbilical into the dating a better looking man outlet.

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This may be a better option. How should I wire RV hookups? Make sure the wire is not over-tight so as to create strain points at corners and joins.

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As we use our RV to visit our families farm, we were unsure of plugging in. We have some friends that do travel more then we do and having a 50 amp service available would be a home extra should they want to stop over. Use a potable water hose usually white in color for the entire length from the metal faucet to the Rv, to avoid poisons and foul tastes that are common is regular garden hoses.

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Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Ray D Posts: RV Parks are more likely to be wired this way, as it can reduce the total number of wires that have to be run.

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Thanks for all the helpful replies!