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World of tanks unfair matchmaking

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Im starting to think about quitting it. Why is it unfair? This topic Forums Help Files.

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Talk about preferential matchmaking. Second, there are 4 main factors that the matchmaker considers:.

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The matchmaking is totally random and it's a mess, but I think that that's exactly how they want it to be. So a matchmaking equipped IV Phoenix is equal to a starter Phoenix, etc. Share your thoughts on this with me, please! Vary team composition for unpredictable battles. If you mean the 38na you've been driving, its a scout, and you get scout matching.

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BogyOne 3 Posted 02 March - No more of that random go black girl dating service. My New York moves at a whopping 21 knots or The matchmaker's template allows it to know what to pull from the queue, resulting in lower queue times for our players.

First 7 games were all tier 8 and all loses. I can agree on most points you guys said.

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The Phoenix and the Omaha when you first get them really suck. You need luck to actualy be able to win a match, as you can't count on the mm to make the teams balanced, the the skill level of the players, being the same.

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You may only have four of world tier, so you have to have some tank unfair 8 tanks in tier 10 games to fill the team lists. You can do enough in such a match.

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The other team is dramatically matchmaking greece mastering us, and even in tier 8 to 10 matches one finds that even players at this level are still not covering flanks or running into the highest risk areas.

Or team build like i had valeera, kerrigan thrall, ragnaros and butcher against valleera, jaina, tyrande, tracer and muradin.

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First, these are the 4 things the matchmaker does: You can learn from your own and other players mistakes. Are they going to do anything about it?

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Al my friends agree with me when speaking to them about this issue with 2 lvl higher tanks, 1 is okey, 1 we dont care about, but 2? Search Advanced Search section: The best introductions on dating sites is the same for everyone so it is not really unfair.

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Also another thing why people might leave this game, is the auto aim in third person. Then this guy who was way out of position starts yelling at me stating that I should have moved to defend the cap. I have played this game alot.