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Being a healer and therefor not hookup spam default option, I have found every group I have joined using group finder. The Group Finder looks at other players searching for a group and pools you together automatically. Group leaders are queuing up for a different dungeon than the one they actually go into, mostly by dungeon, but really from just not paying attention and not selecting the proper dungeon.

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Information is a boon especially when it online dating questionnaire shoved in your face.

Sometimes I will search a specific dungeon and it will match me with people looking for a completely different dungeon. Much rather do it with guildies. Understood, but as a non TES matchmaking myself, I understood the mechanic almost immediately. To mark something spoilers for story or other relevant purposesuse the following format exactly as it appears: If you can off-heal or off-tank just mark yourself as a DPS and just do it, you don't need to notify the world of your abilities via the preferred role.

If you try and pull that after level 35 then you're just going to get kicked. I like no deserter debuff. And when they did, it was for special instances. The number of players looking for a group will obviously have an impact on the speed at which the Group Finder can form viable groups. This is caused by people that don't know how to use the finder.

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It also is easy to miss that the party interface is itself a tabbed interface since it is so wide and the search icon is in the upper right corner where I don't expect to look for tabs.

No flaming, trolling or disrespectful comments to others. Always be prepared to run at least two roles, which everyone should be leveling skills toward.

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If someone hasn't played anything but cursor based MMOs, then things matchmaking that aren't intuitive at all. As a healer I have the same problem, to be honest rolling with 3dps is quite fine so long as one of the DPS guy can give some off heals when needed.

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Some people may hate it because they are impatient and gets in the way, but it should really be there.

A lot of the heals are smart heals and target the lowest life so a lot of magicka was wasted on him and not me, the tank. Posts must be relevant to The Elder Scrolls Online. I used it on day one of the headstart and have at least 15 times since. Also, correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the tutorial tip tell you about the tool the first time you open the tab? Now that its fixed, I tried to use it to find a party, but I was too high level. Much easier to see who needs a group in chat and inviting them to group with me.

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You will need to know what activity your group should complete. I'm pretty sure there is a tooltip that pops up at one point, at a certain level or when you get a certain quest, but I like many many others probably didn't read it thoroughly.

Also, I have no idea how to access dungeons in zones that I haven't been to.

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I don't think elder scrolls. Alliance is up for debate. Depends on your gaming history. For UI, without the use of text or identification words, people are only familiar using purely icons when are already used to the UI.

Personally, I prefer putting a group together myself. Also, people probably don't use it because such a convenient feature doesn't exist in a lot of MMOs, leading many to be virtual dating lab of it.

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I knew about it but forgot and so, like most everyone else, have been standing in front of Spindleclutch. Yeah, it's really awesome, but not really easy to grasp at first. Also the dungeons is a trolls dream.

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The group leader didn't change what dungeon he was actually doing, he left it on Grotto, but went into BC Every time I use the LFG system it pairs me with one person then spends ages searching for other people.