One direction preferences hes your teacher and your dating Preference #62: He's your teacher, and you're secretly dating him (Request)

One direction preferences hes your teacher and your dating

A grin appears on his face.

You heard your mom walk in, pushing your hair to the side, kissing your forehead. You adjust the hood on your head and take another good look around the area to make sure nobody was following you.

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He greets you with a sweet kiss before taking the warm pastry out of the oven. Then he gave her one final glare before she hurried out of the classroom.

Any time you had with Niall was special because you can only be with him a short amount and never in public. You tried not to smile, and your friend gave you a confused look. Once you arrive in Mr.

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He slammed his lips to yours, you kissing back. You forgot that you left your purse on the table.

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In the center was a pile of pillows and blankets and a laptop with a DVD next to it plus a bowl of popcorn. You always stayed after class to hang out with Louis, and no one really seemed to care.

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You smiled to yourself and nodded in agreement. So you and Harry decided to keep it a secret. You were actually having fun hanging up with Harry at the zoo.

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He kissed you back putting his hands on your waist pulling you closer dating site polish him deepening the kiss at the same time.

You put your arms around his neck and playing with his hair at the same time. You break out into a huge smile that reaches your ears.

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All of the girls giggled, including you. Niall steps down from the desk he was standing on and sits on the one beside you.

You arrive at the restaurant not much later. You were on your way to visit your boyfriend, Zayn. You were very nervous to be alone in such a dating divas white elephant gifts setting with Mr. Niall climbed back up, sliding back into place.

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My stuff Following Blurbs: You nuzzle your head on his shoulder. It was weird having Zayn as a teacher because he knew your grade, attendance, and behavior every day of the week. Malik, but to you he was Zayn the man you were in love with. I'd much rather be spending time with the sexiest teacher anyway.

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My eyes were in his lips, and my thoughts were how kissable they were and how they would taste. He was at a table with a student that you had seen quite too often. Can I meet the lucky lady, say after dinner?

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He was carrying a box full of suppiles. He closed it and closed the curtains. Horan, and he said he had to please you to keep you.

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