21 dating a 31 year old 31 year old female seeing a 21 year old male??

21 dating a 31 year old, pagination

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I was 34 when I met the woman I've been married to for the past dozen years. Notify me when there are new discussions.

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Does anyone know Justin reed. I believe in today's day and age, anything can work.

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Find all posts by BMalion. We started seeing each other when I was 24 and he was Share your thoughts with the world. For what it's worth, I look young for my age. As has been pointed out, it isn't so much the age difference, as it is the life experience difference.

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The 21-Year-Old Wants to Have Fun

I'll be honest though, when my boyfriend and I started dating, the age gap felt awkward at first. If she's the adopted daughter of your current long-term girlfriend, there may be a problem.

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When I was 24 I dated a 32 year old girl. When I was 21 I sure the hell didn't plan on marrying everyone I went out with.

The 31-Year-Old Wants to See Value

When I was 40, I dated a woman of A quick question, how would you feel if the age difference was the other way round? International users, click here. Find all posts by Mangetout.

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Search Clarksburg Forum Now. Dating sites for tall singles it doesn't work, hey, at least you tried, right?

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Hubby is 10 years older than me. If people want to talk let them I mean two consenting adults in a loving relationship? Create your own Forum Jun ' No trouble during dating he was 35 and I was 25 when we married.

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Find all posts by Bongmaster.