Host club dating quiz Who would you date from the Ouran High School Host Club?

Host club dating quiz

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Pull a prank on the bully. Uhhh, I hate role playing.

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No Private early dating scan london like being childish! Yes, I protect my friends so I have to be mature.

What's your favorite movie genre?

Can any body say anime battle scene? I like a mix of all like Sword Art Online. In order to receive respect, one must be mature. No, I'm an otaku and otaku's don't know what the mature means.

Time for one of the most infamous questions!: What is your favorite color?

Yes, I like action ones like Attack on Titan. Whatever floats your boat. Register free or login!

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Use my ninja skills on them! I like romantic ones like Chobits or Skip Beat!. Not care, it's just a test I was gonna fail anyways.

What's your favorite movie/TV show?

Call a swat team. I suppose I can Worry and think real hard.

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I'm too smart, so I don't study. Well now I can watch my anime.

Who is your favorite host?

Ummm maybe Cowboy Bebop? Awww, I liked it.

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Too busy watching anime to care. Despite disliking it, I still do it.

Bang my head on a desk. To busy filling documents to care.

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No I don't need to. Today Categories Guru's Disciples Submit. I wish you a good day as well. Well I need to get good grades.