Amx cdc preferential matchmaking AMX CDC need limited matchmaking like FCM 50t

Amx cdc preferential matchmaking

And the only thing putting me off of the FCM is the price.

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Back before prem ammo was available for silver, some but not all of the premium tanks needed pref MM to be viable. I am used to playing in T10 games, not in medium tanks tho, only matchmaking.

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The 50T is literally like a French E50, you can even incorporate ramming into your games. Please turn JavaScript on and refresh funny dating deal breakers page. New tier 8 russian medium 8 votes [ Bad camouflage values for a pure support tank Huge size especially length for a medium; even bigger than some heavies in-game Sluggish due to hidden stats, effectively negating most of the engine power advantage.

Sign In Email address: I dont want to learn how to constantly keep my gun in the fight while not getting shot at. I Vickers Medium Mk.

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That's 'mediocre' to 'pretty darn bad', in other words. Even though WG crippled it, 6 skills is enough to hold the tank together. ThomChen, on 12 July - Sidescraping is a game mechanic abuse - TOG1R.

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Apply for a flair here! AMX Chasseur de chars.

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The power creep in mediums from 8 to 9 to 10 is absurd. I think the thing most people struggle with is that the 50t is a heavy that gets pref mm.

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Go To Topic Listing France. Sign In Email address: Cronk, on 11 July - Ergo, the issue is being fixed by removing limited MM.

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I'm dumb Have you played the RU? Their influence is limited because these tanks lack play against higher tiers.

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If selected other, which medium moneymaker? No, it does not.

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I'm roughly average recent, just recently pulled my overall stats out of the red. You hide in the back and play long range positions.

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With your recent WN8 around you could probably make either tank work.