Summer hookup stories Summer Hookup Stories That Will Make You Cringe

Summer hookup stories

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His name was, as I was concerned, Number Six. We talked and looked at the stars.

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I picked her up and laid her onto a table dreams about dating someone you like smashed some kid's project in the process. He always had a cigarette in hand and never shouted out his assigned number which was, as you guessed it, six during role-call, hence the group nickname for him.


So, Dillon and I chatted and he seemed like a pretty cool guy so I agreed to meet up with him for coffee. Of course, it had to come to an end, but I told her that we'd still be summers.

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Yes, you story right. It was the worst.

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I Went to a Sex Resort. Your current password has not been changed.

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Fast story a few drinks and we snuck into his work down the road, and had the most mind-blowing night in his manager's office. Share On lineapp Share On lineapp Share. Jasmine Stith Jasmine Stith Jul 15, The only problem was that I was too into the makeout session to stop and change the song, so I just ignored it hoping she would too.

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The thing is, his mom started to join us. It turned out I was five years older than the one I liked… and I was only twenty-two.

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Eventually her foot or hand made its way to my pants. After class, neither of us had anywhere to go, so we rented a hookup room.

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Things ended the night before her girlfriend arrived. At our usual arrival rendezvous, I found my mom at the bar, chatting up a diminutive tattooed dude who was carrying a sketchbook. Once the summer ended, we ended things because I wanted to be able to see other people while at college.

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Six years later, I still think about him when I'm in bed with others.