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At the same time the pottery gradually introduced new products and new marks. The hand-scribed mark found on this line is shown above. Knowing the type mark does limit the production date to a certain period of years, but that is as much as can be generally determined.

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Any color other than green is most likely new. T his mark was common on flower pots, mixing bowls, tankards, and mugs.

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The other important aspect about size is knowing where to measure. As mentioned earlier, the inclusion of the style number in the mark became more prevalent with time, and it was generally included on the LCC datings. As will be seen below, this is also true of other early marks, but the policy was soon changed to include the name of the pottery.

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When viewed from above, old dishes form a nearly perfect circle. McCoy pottery was established in Roseville, Ohio during September Colors of new dishes include yellow, blue, aqua and rose or pink. This was a common practice during this how to get her interested online dating, although some few potteries did mark their wares.

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General Rules dating History Red Wing Stoneware Our mccoy pottery goes backwhen stoneware company formed Wing, sharpest navigable contact info. Stenciled marks were used on stoneware jars, churns, and jugs, etc.

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New pieces are available in five different colors: Nelson McCoy Pottery Co. So far, all the new turtles have a shiny glaze.

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New pieces have a raised McCoy mark on the back. New items marked McCoy originally made by other potters New pieces of pottery with the McCoy mark aren't limited to copies of only original McCoy.

Special Marks Used By Nelson McCoy All of the marks illustrated here in this article are typical marks mark on McCoy pottery, however, there chicago bears dating website some other marks that were used from time to time by the original and subsequent owners of the Nelson McCoy pottery.


The production of decorative pottery was now fast becoming the principal product. Dating mccoy pottery marks. Company was founded by James Roseville vases.

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For detailed references on original McCoy Pottery, see the following: