Dating clay minerals Clays and Glauconites (K–Ar/Ar–Ar)

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Sulfide-rich high-grade ore shoots and moderately saline fluid minerals in the batholith-hosted veins are inconsistent with the original orogenic gold model and suggest a magmatic source component for the ore fluid, consistent with stable isotope O, H, Host club dating quiz, and S compositions of quartz, illite, carbonates, and sulfides.

K-Ar and 40ArAr ages for hydrothermal illite from all three locations range between Mississippian and Late Triassic but are consistent with a single Mississippian hydrothermal event, if the data record a minimum age for original illite formation.

A case study from the Swiss Alps. The isotopic data suggest a mixed magmatic-meteoric ore fluid in the basement-hosted deposits of the Vijus-Santa Filomena area and the volcanic-hosted Misquichilca area.

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Publication History Published Online: The age spectra, 39Ar recoil loss and their controlling factors were investigated systematically. The K-Ar ages indicate multistage accumulations with distinct distribution patterns in the Tarim Basin: K-Ar dating of fault rocks, normal and reverse phases and association with mineralizing hyd…" [more].

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Witt Steffen Hagemann C. Both the Pataz mineral and the Esperanza Subvolcanic Complex are of the same Mississippian age as the hydrothermal alteration and mineralization. Computer analysis of X-ray diffraction XRD data provides a simple method for determining the semiquantitative mineralogical composition of naturally occurring mixtures of saline minerals.

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Samples have been collected from different geological environment and places. Gold production from the northern Pataz district in the eastern Andean Cordillera of Peru has been sourced mainly from mesothermal quartz-carbonate-sulfide veins hosted by the Mississippian Pataz batholith.

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Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Additionally, much has been learnt of the processes of clay-mineral diagenesis. It is difficult to separate precisely each layer to prepare powder samples ; therefore X-ray diffraction study has been carried out with bulk samples.

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The method herein described was adapted from a computer program for the study of mixtures of naturally occurring clay minerals. Nine potassium-argon dating examples of diagenetic clays show different types of isotopic evolution.

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This publication is from a journal that may support self archiving. The diffusion of 40Ar in the ultracataclasite was probably caused by frictional heating or high-temperature fluid migration that occurred when the fault was reactivated. Publisher clays are provided by RoMEO.

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In contrast, the K—Ar datings of an ultracataclasite within the fault core are significantly younger, ranging from 29 to 23 Ma, and are unrelated to grain size and amount of detrital mica. Twelve samples of heavy fraction have been studied using different methods including XRD, transmitted and reflected light.


Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Experimental identification of CO2—oil—brine—rock interactions: Although considerable research remains to be done, there is considerable scope with this technique for application to sandstones when coupled with laser microprobe heating of clay cements in situ in thin-sections. Determining the origin and chemical composition of suspect extra terrestrial specimens has lead to meteorite identification research programs. Dating of clay minerals. Mineral wettability and composition, and oil saturation were the main controls on the exposed surface area of grains, and mineral wettability in particular led to selective dissolution.